mercredi 22 novembre 2006


Just a few seconds before the performance...


Not easy to find the good one...


In a small warung, in a steet of Yogja...


We are in the kraton, it means the area belonging to the sultan; in this place live the employees of the palace.

Merdeka comors.

A very elegant man, close to the bird market, he did not understand why I asked him for a shot:
"i am an ordinary man..."

vendredi 17 novembre 2006

Just before the dance. Yogjakarta

Once a week, traditionnal javanese dances are performed in the Kraton, here, they are just about to go...

Luminous. Pangandaran

She sells drinks on pangandaran beach.

Biking. Borobudur

Strange character, biking in the rice fields, around Borobudur temple (on left).

Glance. Pangandaran

She is waiting on the beach, her family is fishing...

Safety. Yogjakarta

In Malioboro street, a very young muslim baby....the mother is a seller...

mercredi 15 novembre 2006

Red. Jakarta

Sometimes, it is possible to stay like this, when the work is ended, the colors of the boat balan
ced by the colors of sweat and hat...

Porters. Jakarta

When the wood is on the trucks, the porters carry some cement on board for Kalimantan, and so on...

Lines. Jakarta

Old harbour, many bugis boats, all wooden builded, are here, with teck or others woods from Kalimantan ( Borneo).

Always moving scene, like an ant's nest...